Portfolios created to meet client needs

At Longreach Alternatives we understand that no two clients are the same. By reviewing our clients’ situations from a different perspective, we seek to deliver them return and diversification benefits that meet their unique circumstances.

Whether you’re seeking a single alternative strategy or a blended portfolio, you’re able to take advantage of the insights that make Longreach Alternatives an innovator in alternative investments. You’ll also benefit from our tailored reporting, investor and trustee education forums, and easy execution via our infrastructure.

How we work with our clients

While we have the flexibility to provide innovative alternatives solution, for clients seeking a bespoke or blended alternatives portfolio, we’ll spend time with you to:

  • Understand what you’re seeking from your investments
  • Review your current strategy
  • Discuss what an alternatives portfolio can help you achieve
  • Identify opportunities to enhance your structure in terms of risk/return outcome, liquidity, transparency, fee alignment and implementation
  • Partner with you as an adviser and/or implementer to deliver your alternative investment strategy.
Designing solutions

A partner in K2 Advisors

Longreach Alternatives is a preferred partner with access to the highly regarded research capability, investment managers and operational platform of K2 Advisors LLC – one of the most successful hedge fund managers globally, with US$11 billion (November 2019) under management.

The industry-leading K2 Managed Account Platform provides access to a high quality selection of alternatives managers from which we are able to create bespoke strategies for our clients. Strategies accessible on the platform include:


Convertible Arbitrage


Event Driven


Global Macro


Long/Short Equity


Long/Short Credit


Structured Credit




Managed Futures/CTAs

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