Longreach CAI


Longreach CAI (‘LCAI’) represents Creighton AI (‘CAI’) in regard to the CAI strategies offered and implemented for Australian investors.

LCAI manages the relationship with CAI to support marketing and servicing of investors in Australia, reporting on the relevant investment and operational matters.

CAI is a quantitative investment management firm that specializes in systematic global equity strategies including market-neutral, long-only and passive enhanced variations through the application of a proprietary machine learning algorithm.

We believe that scientific investing can better produce consistent, repeatable, risk-adjusted performance for investors.

CAI brings together a deeply experienced, global investment team providing investors the opportunity to invest into a best-in-class global equity investment solution. CAI specialises in providing global alpha solutions, delivered through combining a unique set of predictive factors and advanced machine learning resulting in highly differentiated quantitative solutions.


The fundamental pillars that underpin our investment philosophy and ensuing processes are as follow:

  • We adhere strongly to the tenets of active management;
  • We believe history repeats due to the persistence of investor behavioural biases;
  • Separating signal from noise contributes to more successful forecasting of returns;
  • Scientific investing and the application of Machine Learning is the basis of our forecasting processes;
  • Domain expertise is key to successful quantitative based investing;
  • Research and Development is advantageous in a competitive and technologically advancing world.

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Our Capabilities

CAI Global Market Neutral Fund

ARSN: 631 270 276 | APIR: DAM9817AU


The Fund aims to provide investment returns in excess of the Reserve Bank of Australia (‘RBA’) cash rate over a rolling 3 year period after fees.


The Fund operates as a ‘fund-of-fund’ and gains its investment exposure through its investment in the Australian dollar (‘AUD’) share class of the Creighton AI Fund (Cayman) Ltd (referred to as the ‘Underlying Fund’).

The Underlying Fund aims to generate positive returns in all market environments by reducing the majority of market risk and focusing primarily on capital preservation and alpha generation.

The Underlying Fund utilises a global market neutral strategy through implementing a differentiated, global quantitative process which invests in listed global equities.

Fund Key Features

Inception Date
15 November 2019
Return Target
8-12% per annum
Volatility Target
8%-12% per annum
RBA cash rate
Std. risk measure
4 - Medium risk of short term loss
Min Invest.
Distribution (if any)
Paid annually as at 30 June
Buy/sell spread

The Underlying Fund can invest in any country that is a member of the MSCI ACWI Index. Long or short exposure can be achieved by holding these securities directly or via equity swaps. The Underlying Fund may use exchange-traded funds and both exchange-traded and over-the-counter equity derivatives including equity swaps and equity index products associated with the countries in which the Fund invests. Currency forward contracts and spot foreign exchange are used to manage currency exposures.


Management fee: 1.35% p.a

Expense recovery: Estimated to be 0.15% p.a

Performance fee: 20% of excess performance above the benchmark and after fees, provided specific performance hurdles are met

Longreach Australia Equities Long Only Strategy

LHQI has managed an active Australian Equities Long Only mandate for an Australian Institutional Investor since October 2019. The Strategy invests in Australian Securities and aims to outperform the benchmark, the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index, by to 2% to 4% per annum over a rolling 3 year period after fees.

Key Features

Inception Date
October 2019
Return Target
2-4% per annum
Volatility Target
4-6% per annum
S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index

For further information about this capability please contact client.services@longreachalternatives.com