A new perspective on alternatives

Longreach Alternatives is an Australian based alternative asset management and advisory firm, founded in 2016 in response to Australian investor groups seeking improved access to alternative investments.

Longreach creates and manages considered and differentiated alternative investment opportunities across market segments including alternative income, private credit, quantitative equity and real assets.

Longreach has and continues to work both locally and globally to provide fit for purpose investment solutions to private and institutional investors.

*Longreach has AUD$1.5 billion (30 April 2021) assets under management (invested and committed) and advice.

Meet Our Team

For over 20 years the Longreach Alternatives team members have worked with a diverse range of investors to create alternative investment portfolios to meet their needs. It is this well-honed experience that makes the difference and is now accessible to a broad investor base.

Samuel Mann

Chief Executive Officer, Director & Co-founder

Andrew Flitcroft

Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder

Chris Larsen

Director and Co-founder

Brendan Carpenter

Director and Co-founder

Sam Edwards

Managing Director

Alex Haynes

Head of Distribution

Linda Wu

Head of Product

Nicholas Phuah

Operations Manager

Amandine Brau

Investor Relations Manager

Pranaav Vidhu

Business and Operations Analyst

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